US National Parks



I am on a quest to explore all the US National Parks! This year I got the chance to do road trips to several and I really appreciated the natural beauty that is found all throughout the US.  I’ll update this page with photos and stories as I visit the parks.

Not to mention, I have this pretty thing to fill up:


IMG_4120  IMG_4122 

  IMG_4123 IMG_4126 IMG_4127

Did you know that there are over 59 National Parks in the US?


# Name Location Coordinates Date of Visit
1 Acadia Maine 44.35°N 68.21°W  April 2018
2 American Samoa American Samoa 14.25°S 170.68°W
3 Arches Utah 38.68°N 109.57°W  April 2018
4 Badlands South Dakota 43.75°N 102.50°W  April 2015
5 Big Bend Texas 29.25°N 103.25°W
6 Biscayne Florida 25.65°N 80.08°W  June 2018
7 Black Canyon of the Gunnison Colorado 38.57°N 107.72°W
8 Bryce Canyon Utah 37.57°N 112.18°W
9 Canyonlands Utah 38.2°N 109.93°W  April 2018
10 Capitol Reef Utah 38.20°N 111.17°W  April 2018
11 Carlsbad Caverns New Mexico 32.17°N 104.44°W
12 Channel Islands California 34.01°N 119.42°W
13 Congaree South Carolina 33.78°N 80.78°W
14 Crater Lake Oregon 42.94°N 122.1°W  June 2014
15 Cuyahoga Valley Ohio 41.24°N 81.55°W
16 Death Valley California,Nevada 36.24°N 116.82°W  February 2013
17 Denali Alaska 63.33°N 150.50°W
18 Dry Tortugas Florida 24.63°N 82.87°W
19 Everglades Florida 25.32°N 80.93°W  June 2018
20 Gates of the Arctic Alaska 67.78°N 153.30°W
21 Glacier Montana 48.80°N 114.00°W
22 Glacier Bay Alaska 58.50°N 137.00°W
23 Grand Canyon Arizona 36.06°N 112.14°W  April 2008
24 Grand Teton Wyoming 43.73°N 110.80°W  July 2013
25 Great Basin Nevada 38.98°N 114.30°W
26 Great Sand Dunes Colorado 37.73°N 105.51°W
27 Great Smoky Mountains North Carolina,Tennessee 35.68°N 83.53°W
28 Guadalupe Mountains Texas 31.92°N 104.87°W
29 Haleakalā Hawaii 20.72°N 156.17°W
30 Hawaii Volcanoes Hawaii 19.38°N 155.20°W
31 Hot Springs Arkansas 34.51°N 93.05°W
32 Isle Royale Michigan 48.10°N 88.55°W
33 Joshua Tree California 33.79°N 115.90°W
34 Katmai Alaska 58.50°N 155.00°W
35 Kenai Fjords Alaska 59.92°N 149.65°W
36 Kings Canyon California 36.80°N 118.55°W  July 2013
37 Kobuk Valley Alaska 67.55°N 159.28°W
38 Lake Clark Alaska 60.97°N 153.42°W
39 Lassen Volcanic California 40.49°N 121.51°W
40 Mammoth Cave Kentucky 37.18°N 86.10°W
41 Mesa Verde Colorado 37.18°N 108.49°W
42 Mount Rainier Washington 46.85°N 121.75°W
43 North Cascades Washington 48.70°N 121.20°W
44 Olympic Washington 47.97°N 123.50°W
45 Petrified Forest Arizona 35.07°N 109.78°W
46 Pinnacles California 36.48°N 121.16°W  May 2018
47 Redwood California 41.30°N 124.00°W
48 Rocky Mountain Colorado 40.40°N 105.58°W
49 Saguaro Arizona 32.25°N 110.50°W
50 Sequoia California 36.43°N 118.68°W  July 2013
51 Shenandoah Virginia 38.53°N 78.35°W
52 Theodore Roosevelt North Dakota 46.97°N 103.45°W
53 Virgin Islands United States Virgin Islands 18.33°N 64.73°W
54 Voyageurs Minnesota 48.50°N 92.88°W
55 Wind Cave South Dakota 43.57°N 103.48°W
56 Wrangell –St. Elias Alaska 61.00°N 142.00°W
57 Yellowstone Wyoming,Montana,Idaho 44.60°N 110.50°W  July 2013
58 Yosemite California 37.83°N 119.50°W  various
59 Zion Utah 37.30°N 113.05°W  February 2013

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