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[Island Guide] Santorini, Greece

Hello friends! Quick guide to Santorini, our first stop island hopping in Greece. Santorini is in the southern Aegean Sea about 120 miles southeast of the Greek mainland. It is the southernmost island in the Cyclades, a Greek island group.   SANTORINI Very beautiful island! Transportation: We took the ferry from Athens to get to […]

City Guide: Paris, France

From the first time I arrived in Paris years ago, it has remained as my favorite city in Europe. There’s just something about it. I finally returned in December 2011 after years of not visiting and while the weather wasn’t great (cold, windy and rainy), the city was just as lovely and I got quite […]

[City Guide] Granada, Spain

Ah, Granada was one of my favorite places in Southern Spain – up there with Barcelona in all of Spain. This whole region is characterized by a mix of Islamic and Christian architecture and this can be seen all over town! I’ve been taking my Spanish class so I tried to speak Spanish as much […]