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[Photos] 10 Postcards from Siem Reap, Cambodia

A few of my favorite photos from my trip to Cambodia back in 2011. In Siem Reap, we woke up really early to catch the sunrise at Angkor Wat and got to explore the temple grounds the entire day. So beautiful! Truly an amazing thing to see!     

[Photo story] The 17 Mile Drive on the Monterey Peninsula

Last week, I had a visitor from LA! The weather has been quite nice, so YJ and I decided on a day trip to the Monterey peninsula. Even though I’m not traveling at the moment, it’s nice to explore my own area as a “tourist”. We decided to do the famous 17 mile drive since […]

[photo gallery] Italy (July 2012)

 I was excited to explore parts of Italy I’ve never been before and let me tell you, it was amazing!! I especially loved Cinque Terre. Probably my favorite place in Italy.

[photo gallery] Greece (July 2012)

Photos from our summertime adventure island hopping in Greece. So beautiful!