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A Planning Guide: Reflections on 4 Months Traveling in Europe

The Trip of a Lifetime! I traveled in Europe from early September through late December 2021, and visited 14 different countries (woweee! 8 of which were new to me), while working part-time remotely. This is my guide to planning travel through Europe as an American, during year 2 of a pandemic (yes, it’s possible and […]

Weekly Photo Wednesdays: Bridges

Every Wednesday, 7 photos along with a short description revolving around a self-chosen theme. This week’s theme: bridges Ok, so I’ll admit that the bridges around the San Francisco Bay Area inspired me to do this theme. However, I don’t have a photo of a bridge from the area in this series (oops!). With the […]

[photo gallery] Italy (July 2012)

 I was excited to explore parts of Italy I’ve never been before and let me tell you, it was amazing!! I especially loved Cinque Terre. Probably my favorite place in Italy.

I love Europe!

Back in October, I ended my year+ in Europe with a visit from the family in September, a brief return to Brighton, and a relaxing time in Switzerland. It was a perfect conclusion to the year, and reminds me why I love Europe so much! This past time was my 4th time in Europe since […]

Venetian Masks, Venice, Italy

Strolling along the streets of Venice and along the many waterfronts, vendors and stores were filled with elaborate masks in all kinds of colors, designs and personas. A Venetian mask can be used for a multitude of purposes; to disguise class or identity, whether it is to be able to act without social confinements, act […]

Fontana di Trevi, Rome, Italy

Since I recently watched Angels & Demons, I’ve been thinking of my time in Rome – probably my favorite city in Italy. This Trevi Fountain has been my favorite fountain in the world (I really enjoy fountains). Both day and night, the fountain is beautiful and crowded by people fascinated by its intricacies. Located at […]