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Country Guide: Costa Rica

Reflections on Costa Rica Really, really loved my trip there! “Pura vida” – pure life – one of the mottos of CR. People are very friendly and it’s known as one of the happiest places in the world. I was on the Pacific coast side (west), but I’ve heard great things about the Caribbean side.  […]

[213/365] Field of Yellow Flowers, Zarcero, Costa Rica

We had our own personal tour guide on our last day in San Jose, Costa Rica. On this day, we visited the Central Highlands area outside of San Jose. These were some yellow flowers we saw outside  church in the area. So lovely.

[82/365] Paints at an Ox Cart Factory, Sarchi, Costa Rica

Not too far of a drive from San Jose, Sarchi is a town in the Central Highlands area of Costa Rica that is known for ox carts. These beautifully hand painted ox carts are a symbol of Costa Rica and it was nice getting to see where and how they are made. These are some […]

[25/365] Sunset at the Beach, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Today, I decided to look back on my photos from Costa Rica from summer of this past year. It was so much fun! Costa Rica seriously had one of the most beautiful beach sunsets I’ve ever seen. The beach at Manuel Antonio was amazing to swim in during the day and even more amazing to […]

Red Truck, Sarchi, Costa Rica

In the town known for ox carts of all sizes beautifully hand-painted in an assortment of colors, Sarchi was a nice side trip from San Jose. The town is known as an artisan community, full of stores displaying souvenirs of their famous hand-crafted ox carts. Before heading back out to San Jose, we stopped at […]

Beach, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Wish I were there right now…

Hibiscus Flower, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Pretty flower. 🙂

Hammocks for Sale, Costa Rica

On our way to Manuel Antonio, we made a short rest stop to a place with a restaurant and little shops. This shop in particular was selling hammocks in all different variations of colors and prints, all hanging from a bar. Sorry, my descriptions have been less wordy as of late. That just means I […]

Riding along the Beach, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

As we lie on the sand, soaking in the sun, this man pushed his cart by us, asking if we wanted any of the products he was selling. We politely said no, and he continued on his way along the beach. His umbrella was colorful and his backdrop of the beautiful beach went together nicely. […]

Lock, Monteverde, Costa Rica

At our hostel in Monteverde, the common area’s entrance was a wooden door with this lock on it. Monteverde was a beautiful area, filled with greenery and blue skies, and our hostel was overlooking all of it. Through these doors, we were able to see the views of the mountains, especially when it was pouring […]