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Hello and Welcome! || Travel journal & map updates.

Hello! Welcome to my site! This is something I’ve been working on for a few months on the side (but brainstorming for a LONG time now). I’m glad that I’m done with school now and have some time while I’m job searching to work on this. Perfect project to work on in this transition time! […]

July traveling!

July is full of traveling! I have so many visitors this month, so it’s a mix of traveling and touring around UK. This is what my travel schedule is looking like: Early July – Scotland: Whisky tours, Edinburgh, Inverness, Glasgow Mid July – Italy/Switzerland: Bologna, Cinque Terre, Milan, Interlaken, Geneva Late July – Greece: Athens, […]

On The Road: Late Arrivals into Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris

Paris, here we are! Lesson learned: If you get into Charles de Gaulle airport after 11pm…be ready to take a taxi into city centre! The last train left at 10:55, and the buses stop around then too. It took us lots of walking around the airport to figure this out, especially getting different information from […]

On The Road: Nearly Missed Flight and Wandering Around the Souks of Marrakech, Morocco

Helloooo from Marrakech, Morocco! Oh my, what a long 24 hours! Some updates…(I know, it’s been a while!) – it’s “spring break” for me right now as of last week. The reason spring break is in quotes is because we have 2 big term papers due at the end of it so I don’t think […]

Travel Goals While Living in Europe!

It’s been so wonderful living in Europe. For years, it’s been one of my favourite places to travel and it’s so much easier to travel around when I’m living here now! When will I get a chance to live in Europe again? So, I think it’s fitting for me to create a realistic list of […]

Trip: Southern Spain (Andalucía Region)

España es muy bonita! I was glad to be able to visit a part of Spain that I haven’t been to before. My winter break had just ended the day before, I attended a holiday party and didn’t sleep so I could make my 6am flight! What a day! Overall great trip! More details to […]