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Roadtripping through Death Valley National Park (CA) & Zion National Park (UT)!

I love road trips! This last one was quite the last minute adventure, but the planning all came together beautifully. The thing with road trips is that they are made for last minute planning because you have your car and the road, and the rest you can just figure it out as you go. The […]

[on the road] First impressions of Tirana, Albania

I arrived into Tirana on a Saturday evening. As I stepped out of the plane and walked down the stairs, I was a little surprised by how “warm” it was, at least compared to my other previous destinations. At the airport, I met a half British, half Swiss girl that was working in Albania, who […]

[on the road] Goodbye for now, Brighton.

I think my time in Brighton has officially come to an end. I thought it did when I left early October, but I got the chance to return to go to my graduation and see many of the friends I met there and the places I frequented. As I walked towards the beach as the […]

On The Road: Late Arrivals into Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris

Paris, here we are! Lesson learned: If you get into Charles de Gaulle airport after 11pm…be ready to take a taxi into city centre! The last train left at 10:55, and the buses stop around then too. It took us lots of walking around the airport to figure this out, especially getting different information from […]

On The Road: Nearly Missed Flight and Wandering Around the Souks of Marrakech, Morocco

Helloooo from Marrakech, Morocco! Oh my, what a long 24 hours! Some updates…(I know, it’s been a while!) – it’s “spring break” for me right now as of last week. The reason spring break is in quotes is because we have 2 big term papers due at the end of it so I don’t think […]