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A Planning Guide: Reflections on 4 Months Traveling in Europe

The Trip of a Lifetime! I traveled in Europe from early September through late December 2021, and visited 14 different countries (woweee! 8 of which were new to me), while working part-time remotely. This is my guide to planning travel through Europe as an American, during year 2 of a pandemic (yes, it’s possible and […]

[Event Guide] Kentucky Oaks & Derby – What’s the difference?

Going to the Kentucky Derby was on my bucket list for a while and I had the chance to do it 2 years ago. I’ve just always wanted to wear one of those big hats! I will admit I didn’t know much about horse racing, but this event was a blast. We got to go […]

[crafts] Making your own Magnets from Travel Souvenirs

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share with you some recent things I’ve been working on! Instead of paying for over-priced magnet souvenirs on your travels, you can just make your own! Just go to the store and buy magnet adhesives – they are sold in long strips (seen below) or in individual circle magnets. Both […]

The Wonderful World of Frequent Flyer Programs & Airline Alliances

Today’s post is about the lovely world of airline miles! People often ask me about this so I decided it’d be a good idea to just blog about it! And, I haven’t been so busy, so decided to create this graphic! This post will be split up into a Q&A format… (1) Q: Why does […]

Special Feature: Travel Tips, from experience

I love traveling and I especially love the planning aspect of it. However, things do not always go as planned. So, I’ve listed a couple tips that I’ve learned from experience that will hopefully help you out! Sorry, no photo on this post, but photo of the day to come after. (1) ALARM CLOCK — Don’t forget […]