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A Planning Guide: Reflections on 4 Months Traveling in Europe

The Trip of a Lifetime! I traveled in Europe from early September through late December 2021, and visited 14 different countries (woweee! 8 of which were new to me), while working part-time remotely. This is my guide to planning travel through Europe as an American, during year 2 of a pandemic (yes, it’s possible and […]

Top 5 Favorite Things to do in Key West, Florida

We went to Key West a few weeks ago in June and we had a great time! We did a red eye from San Francisco to Miami, and from there we drove down the narrow highway to Key West, the last portion of the Florida Keys. Here are my top 5 favorite things I did […]

[Travels] My Top 5 Favorites of Mexico City

So this is a BELATED post, but I found a draft of this and decided to (finally) finish it up. We went to Mexico City last September for the Labor Day long weekend. Mexico City is a place I’ve been wanting to visit, especially after it was featured in the highly anticipated NY Times Top Places to […]

Week 1 of 52: Instagram photo a day #365mapwanderer

Hello all, Happy New Year! It has been a while since I last blogged but one of my goals this year was to get back at it. One of the ways I’m doing it is by revisiting my @themapwanderer instagram feed. On January 1st I started my photo a day and have been doing pretty […]

Organization Spotlight: Global Glimpse & My Trip to Nicaragua

What better way to experience international immersion firsthand than Nicaragua? A couple days I came back from a wonderful trip to Nicaragua where I got the chance to join several groups of high school students on their summer Global Glimpse program. I’ve been on the Advisory Board for the Bay Area-based non-profit organization since early last […]

10 Of My Favorite Travel Quotes

Anyone else feeling a strong case of wanderlust? I am, as always! So, I decided to come up with a list of my favorite travel quotes to keep me inspired for future travels. All photos and quote design by me. Here it goes! [ one ] brighton, uk [ two ] vevey, switzerland [ three […]

2013: My Year in Travel

Happy New Year, friends! 2013 in numbers 1 graduation from Master’s program 3 NEW states on the list (Vermont, Idaho, Montana) 6 states visited altogether (Utah, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Vermont, New York) 5 NEW countries visited (Iceland, Albania, Kosovo, China, South Korea) 2013 has definitely not been my easiest year, but I really feel like […]

[Good Causes] Organization Spotlight: International Development Exchange (IDEX)

Happy Holidays, everyone! Today, I’d like to start a series featuring great organizations that I’ve gotten the privilege to support. This first one is the International Development Exchange, more commonly known as IDEX. I came across IDEX on a Google search while on my job search, and found out that they had a Young Professionals […]

[Photo Story] Escape to London at the 35th Annual Charles Dickens Christmas Fair & Victorian Holiday Party in San Francisco

This was the closest I was going to get to celebrating the holidays in London after being away for just over a year. What a well-executed event that transformed us to the places and people of the stories of Charles Dickens! The characters from Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, the Christmas Carol (and many more!) came […]

[Photo of the Day] The View of the Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach, San Francisco, CA

Today’s photo of the day is from the place I call home – the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve seen the Golden Gate Bridge from many different views, but this one was definitely the BEST! We drove to Baker Beach, where you can walk on the beach and towards the bridge. The short stroll on […]