Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver, Canada

This photo was taken from inside the outer corridor of the Vancouver Public Library. Little cafes and shops were just outside the library and we stopped outside of one to have a smoothie. The architecture was very interesting and from outside the library, it mimicked the Roman Coliseum.

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  1. i really like this one

  2. i ❤ your pictures!!!!!:)-connie

  3. We certainly do not need a new story as the need to caropme and formulate stories takes us into the mind of map making and comparisons and straight into the hell of systemic disconnection!To truly discover this we must pierce every place in us that has been these points of pain in us maintains our mental and emotional illusions. When the points of pain is pierced the soul is seen..and our birthright is reclaimed. Every point of pain arising is just an after shock wave’ of where we have abdicated our birthright of being in connection to the uniqueness of flow within us.To attune to our points of joy and have the courage to receive them unrestricted / in their fullness..,void of all mental and emotional maps, bring us home to ourselves.

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