Christmas Market, Vienna, Austria

The beautiful city of Vienna, Austria was alive and festive in the winter despite the cold temperatures. All throughout the city, lights were on, Christmas music was playing and markets were busy with vendors eager to sell their unique creations: crafts, art and some of the most delicious street food you’ll come by (pastries, sausages…). This photo was taken of colorful wood sculptures in the shape of all different types of animals and objects at night at the “Weihnachtsdorf” (Christmas Village) at the Maria Theresien Platz situated between the Naturhistoriches Museum (Natural History Museum) and the Kunsthistoriches Museum (Art History Museum). The markets were one of my favorite parts of Vienna!

Gute Nacht! (German for Good Night!)
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  1. aww i really like this picture, it brings my memory back to the age of innocent 🙂

  2. wow! so colorful!

  3. i love this place! i got a little wooden piggy from here! your photo use to be my desktop background! :)-connie

  4. hey.. that picture totally brought me back to our euro trip for a minute.. thanks for making me feel warm inside………… and then bitter, but im not really in vienna im sitting here at work. jk.-cynthia

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