The Reichstag, Berlin, Germany

Through the gates of the famous Brandenburg Gate is the German Parliament Building, called the Reichstag. We stood in line in the freezing cold for over an hour to get inside this building. The glass dome had a walkway circling all the way around it so that you could walk to the top of it and see the views of Berlin. This building was renovated in the 90’s and this dome was built to symbolize the reunification of Germany. The center of the dome was a towering set of mirrors, one on top of the other. Through the glass, the German flag can be seen from the surrounding skyline. The wait in the cold was well worth it!

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  1. “it’s worth it!”..wasn’t that our motto throughout the whole trip (even when it was super duper cold!)i love the memories of all the trips!-connie

  2. i was expecting a picture relating to cinco de mayo for today, but this one is cool!-myley

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