Los Angeles Marathon, Los Angeles, California, USA

Congratulations, Myley, on finishing the Los Angeles Marathon!!! Taking place on Memorial Day, the weather was overcast in the morning and made for excellent running conditions compared to typical hot and sunny Memorial Days in years past. Meandering through the streets of Los Angeles, the 26.2 mile marathon started in downtown LA, went south, west, north, east (a bit more complicated than that) and returned to 5th and Figueroa in downtown LA. As a spectator around the 23rd mile, I watched as runners of all ages trekked their way to the finish lines. It was inspiring, and quite amazing because of the sheer endurance, self-motivation and months of training it took to get to that point. Congratulations to everyone that completed the run!
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  1. Yay! I feel so honored to be a part of your photo blog! Thanks Miss Paparazzi!!-Myley

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