Venetian Masks, Venice, Italy

Strolling along the streets of Venice and along the many waterfronts, vendors and stores were filled with elaborate masks in all kinds of colors, designs and personas. A Venetian mask can be used for a multitude of purposes; to disguise class or identity, whether it is to be able to act without social confinements, act with criminal intentions, or used in romantic encounters. Or, it can be used as a way to portray a message, whether it is simply through appearance or performance. Popularly used in the Carnival of Venice that runs for the approximate 2 weeks before Ash Wednesday, but always sold year-round, these masks are famously from the City of Water, Venice. I came across this particular mask while window shopping, and was amazed at how extravagantly designed it was with gold coloring and incredibly detailed features. Each mask tells a different story that one can conjure up just from looking at the unique details of the mask.

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