Day 4: Manuel Antonio to San Jose & Central Highlands Area, Costa Rica

Early morning rise and shine! Our 6AM bus back to San Jose was one of our few options left as availabilities permitted. As soon as we got on the bus, I closed my eyes and went to sleep because buses are the worse for my motion sickness. We arrived in San Jose and returned to our hostel from the first night in Costa Rica. Shortly after, we met our guide for the day – Paolo, born and raised in San Jose.
I was able to see a lot more of what Costa Rica is all about. We drove through the countryside, up and down green mountains and around curved roads where we passed by homes, businesses, eventually arriving at the Poas Volcano. Visibility wasn’t the greatest, but at one point, the clouds cleared just enough to give us a quick glance at the active volcano crater. We then had a Costa Rican meal and continued the drive through windy roads, through the Central Highlands area where we visited a garden, coffee bean trees, and local attractions.
Today’s photo is of small replica ox carts that are a Costa Rican national symbol. Each one is hand painted and each one is unique – there are no two ox carts that are the same. We were able to see the artists’ studio and the progression of the development of the wheels to what it is today. I learned a lot about the country today, including more about the people, the educational system, the political system (their party primary was going on today), the healthcare system and the culture! Pura Vida (Costa Rica’s motto)!

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