Pier at the Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach, California, USA

Yesterday, I explored Orange County with my mom and brother. We headed south, towards Newport Beach and went to the Balboa Peninsula. Balboa Island is an artificial island – connected to land by a two lane bridge from the PCH. The privately owned Balboa Island Ferry is an auto/passenger ferry leaving from Balboa Island and crossing to the peninsula where you actually drive your car onto the ferry (3 cars at a time). You stop your engine, put on the parking breaks and sit in your call for a couple minutes to cross from the island to the peninsula (about a 1/5 mile journey). From the main island, we went across to the narrow peninsula, parked, walked to the other side from the harbor and found the beautiful beach. The day was perfect – hot with some winds to help cool down as we lie out on the sand. This photo was taken under the pier that stretched out with a Ruby’s Diner at the end of it.

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