Truck, Gilmore Gas Station, Farmer’s Market, Los Angeles, California, USA

Just outside the Farmer’s Market by the Grove is a replica of the Gilmore Gas Station, the country’s first self serve gas station built in 1936. This truck was at the gas station. The Farmer’s Market began when Arthur Fremont Gilmore and his partner bought two large ranches, one which was a dairy farm at the location of the market. The Gilmore Oil Company overtook the farm when oil was discovered there in 1905. Arthur’s son, Earl Bell Gillmore, went on to establish an oil and gas distribution network and this is where this gas station came about. Two entrepreneurs, Roger Dahlhjelm and Fred Beck envisioned the idea of a market and presented it to Gilmore for what eventually became the Farmer’s Market at this site. This was a piece of the past – especially since the gas sign showed that it was only about 20 cents per galloon!

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