Power House, Boldt Castle, Heart Island, Alexandria Bay, New York, USA

Over 1,700 islands, both big and small, make up the Thousand Islands archipelago of islands along the St. Lawrence River between the US and Canada. This photo is of the Power House at the Boldt Castle complex located on Heart Island. Although we just took a cruise tour throughout the Thousand Islands, we were able to see the many islands and this one in particular stood out. Boldst Castle was built by George C. Boldt for his wife, Louise. Sadly, she passed away suddenly in 1904 and construction of monuments on the island ceased. The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority acquired the island in 1977 and began restoration. The island is now a tourist attraction. This particular part – the Power House – was built to store a generator to supply power to the island, but it is now a museum dedicated to electric power.

The Thousand Islands is in fact the reason for the naming of Thousand Island dressing as it was served and popularized in this area. My summer adventures on the East Coast brought me to many interesting sights throughout the Eastern US and Canada and this was no exception. The cruise gave us a nice tour of this area and insight into the history of many of the different islands throughout this region.


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