Bakersfield Sign, Bakersfield, California, USA

Today I was on a business trip – to Bakersfield. I know you’re probably thinking how lucky I am to get to go there for work. A 115 mile drive north of Los Angeles, through the grapevine and miles of nothingness. At least there was more in Bakersfield than I thought there’d be. To make the most of my trip, I decided to bring my camera after seeing this cool sign welcoming me when I went there last week. So, after work duties were over and darkness had set in, I drove back to this sign, stopped alongside the road, and snapped away. As I did this, I heard a honk behind me as a Bakersfield Fire Department truck rushed by – but since I was in the middle of the photo, I just had to let it finish (there was plenty of space for it to drive by!). This is what I ended up with! Yes, the streaks of light towards the sign are from the fire truck…


  1. that's awesome. you're such a maverick!

  2. such a cool picture with the lighting effect…i love it!!! =D

  3. thats a GREATTT PICTURE

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