[34/365] Cafe Was, Dine LA Restaurant Week, Hollywood, California, USA

Live to eat. DineLA Restaurant Week 2010 is in full effect. What restaurant did we choose? Cafe Was in Hollywood. I love the ambiance there! It’s a French bistro type restaurant and the center of the dining room has this amazing piano that rotates slowly as you have dinner. While we were there, there was someone playing and singing (maybe I should have gotten her name). Started off the meal with a tuna tartare with a date wrapped in bacon, moved onto the Soup du Jour – a vegetable soup, then on to the main course – a seafood bouillabaisse, and then finally finished off with a dessert of apple caramel beignet with vanilla ice cream! Wow, it was all delicious! 🙂 Gotta love a good fine dining experience.


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