[62/365] Snow Covered Trees, Lake Tahoe, California, USA, +photo diary photo suggestions request!

Photo ideas haven’t come easily as of late. I’m having a hard time thinking of photos to post/photograph so it seems as if I’ve only been posting every other day. I know…it’s a daily photo blog, so I really should be consistent. You know, in April, it will be one year since I started this thing. I’ve enjoyed it lots, but I need your help to continue it!

This photo was from about a year ago in Tahoe when we woke up on Sunday to a ton of pure white and beautiful snow! We had to wait for the snow to be cleared (and for shoveling of snow off our cars) to head back to LA.

My friend, Thieu, told me that he didn’t see many pictures of snow, so I said I’d put one up for him. So, that gave me an idea! I want you to give me inspiration – what do YOU want to see photos of?! Comment on this post and let me know (you can be as specific or abstract as you want and leave it up to my imagination). You can even suggest something anonymously if you want. I’d love to try to fulfill everyone’s requests – and it will definitely help me continue!

Thanks in advance if you do decide to suggest something. 🙂



  1. how about rainbows?-myley

  2. half naked girls?

  3. I'm very fond of well decorated hotel lobby……maybe you can post that if you have any pertaining to my liking…haha =P

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