[75/365] Waiting with my Suitcase at the Seattle Airport, Seattle, Washington, USA

When I have weekend trips, I always try to maximize my time. I rushed from work to LAX one day, ready to board my flight to Seattle. Little did I know, a protest on Century Blvd. would create more traffic than I expected. I parked and ran to the Virgin America terminal that seemed to be the furthest possible location, only to be told that I was late and would be missing my flight that night. This was about a year and a half ago. I was able to make it onto the early flight the next morning so it wasn’t the end of the world. Gotta love how hectic my weekend trips are! This photo was taken the morning I finally arrived in Seattle, waiting to be picked up.

This suitcase has gone through a lot with me – from trips to Vegas, Bay Area, NY, DC, Costa Rica, Kansas City – it’s been everywhere! I’m on the search for a new one, though. I’ve had my eye out for a good carry-on, but haven’t quite found the perfect one yet.


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