[108/365] "Water: Our Thirsty World", Annenberg Space for Photography, Century City, Los Angeles, California, USA

I love this place! Right now, the Annenberg Space for Photography has an exhibit about the state of the freshwater crisis in the world (yes, there’s a crisis). While the space is small, the photos that they chose each have powerful messages about how important freshwater is throughout the world. Going to see this really made me think about how much I take for granted the fact that I have water whenever I want it when there are others that value water more than even money. They bring it closer to home by showing California and it’s pipe dreams – did you know that nearly all the water in Los Angeles is pumped in from other parts of the state (and country)? The center area has HD video on huge screens with words from the photographers and their inspiration and background of their journalistic art. I highly recommend everyone go see it – it’s free!


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