[189/365] Rangitoto Island, New Zealand

Rangitoto Island is about 30 minutes from downtown Auckland and is a recently formed volcanic island. By recently formed, I mean that it is between 600 and 700 years old. We were dropped off by the ferry to a seemingly deserted island where we hiked to the top of the mountain, passing lava fields and lush greenery, and taking detours to explore caves in the area. We were lucky to have a day without rain to make the trek much easier. After we descended to the area where the ferry would pick us up, we rested and this is where I took this picture. The waters were so peaceful and such pretty colors. Islands could be seen in the distance, with lava deposits seen right there in the water.


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  1. Thanks, haha. This is actually a cnmoibation of photos taken at high speed (8 shots per second). Kind of like doing a panoramic or a photo-stitch.In photoshop, I imported and auto-aligned them. After that I spent quite a bit of time carefully blending the layers together.

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