[198/365] OC Weekly’s Decadence, Anaheim Garden Walk, Anaheim, California, USA

So, I think I was in food and drinks heaven! Or at least that’s what it felt like for those few hours. Maybe I was just excited at the thought of free food AND free drinks, that everything seemed great. Decadence is an annual event that takes place at the Anaheim Garden Walk area. Cocktail attire is strictly enforced. Restaurants from throughout Orange County present tastings of everything from grilled shrimp, barbecue sauce meatballs, steak tacos, chicken skewers to kobe sliders. I was so full, even from just trying small portions of everything. In addition, there were performances and a DJ as well. This photo is of the decorations in the main quad area.


One comment

  1. Great pictures! You are really talented. Would love to see more pic's of the Decadence party. I was there but didn't get to bring my camera. I have always loved photography. Your pictures inspire me.

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