Wedding Cake, AnThu & Manh’s Wedding, Saigon, Vietnam

Wedding cake at the wedding! The venue was really nice.



  1. This wedding cake is looking really delicious and its size is also one more thing to notice. Really to have that big cake is like a dream. Enjoy Guyssss !!!!!

  2. I also skipped Plain of Jars and far too many other tignhs. Bolaven Plateau was a bigger regret. I did my multi-day hangout in Luang Prabang and don’t regret that in the least. In 2010 I felt rushed to move on, but approached it much differently in 2011 preferred really experiencing the place to getting farther. Live and learn’ taught me to relax and immerse myself more, not less.I am retrospectively catching up my blog, adding in the photos, and writing up the missing pieces. You may note that most of Vietnam is still missing at this point, Maybe I’ll see if I can do Hoi An before you get there.

  3. It’s a real pleasure to find someone who can think like that

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