Weekly Photo Wednesdays: “Hello”, A New Design Series


Every Wednesday, 7 photos along with a short description revolving around a self-chosen theme.

This week’s theme:


You must be wondering what that even means as a theme… Well, it’s kind of an introduction for a new design series I’m working on. I love working with all these Adobe design programs, so I started experimenting with something that I want to eventually be a postcard series that you’ll even be able to have for yourself. So, what I’m doing this week is picking 7 photos and putting on it, how to say “hello” in the language that the photo comes from. This task seemed simple enough, until I started having to figure out how to say “hello” in the languages that I had no idea for… Hence why it is now Thursday, and I’m late to post! You would think that a simple Google search would do the job, but there are just so many variations and differing opinions since “hello” is not necessarily a universal greeting (some just start conversations with time dependent greetings like “good morning” for example). Anyway, I did the best I could, but PLEASE correct me if you think I’m wrong! I will be working on other designs for this series for a bunch of other countries, so I’d love if you’d leave a comment down below and tell me how to say “hello” in your language! I trust native speakers more than I trust these Google searches. 🙂

Oh yea, so a little more about me and my love of languages. I am always interested in how other languages sound, and I LOVE listening to people speak to each other in another language, even if I have no idea what they are saying. I only know English, Vietnamese, and some Spanish, but I wish I knew more. At the moment, I’ve started some online courses on Duolingo to practice my Spanish, and start learning French! Let’s see how this goes…

(1) Hello from London, England! || The Tower Bridge

hello from london copy

(2) γειά σου (yeia sou) from Mykonos, Greece! || Beaches of Mykonos

yeia sou from mykonos copy

(3) Hej from Copenhagen, Denmark! || Nyhavn Waterfront

hej from copenhagen copy

(4) Bonjour from Chenonceaux, France! || Gardens of Château de Chenonceau

bonjour from chenonceaux copy

(5) Halló from Reykjavik, Iceland! || View from the Hallgrímskirkja

hallo from reykjavik copy

(6) Hola from Granada, Spain! || Inside the Alhambra

hola from granada copy

(7) Selamat pagi from Bali, Indonesia! (This is more of a “good morning”) || Rice fields of Bali

selamat pagi from bali copy

Hope all is well in your part of the world. Don’t forget, leave a comment and tell me how to say “hello” or a welcome greeting in your language!! Would love to hear from you!

Goodbye! Au revoir! Adios! Have a good rest of the week and sorry for the delay. I know the title is misleading, but it is still Wednesday in a few more parts of the world… Hehe 🙂




  1. This is a great project! Absolutely love it 😀

    Salut = hello in Romanian
    привет = hello in Russian 🙂

  2. Thank you!! 🙂 And thanks for the tips on Romanian and Russian!

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