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[209/365] Happy Birthday Cupcakes Display, The Cupcake Bakery, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Cute cupcakes display at a bakery in Melbourne! It’s September, and there always seems to be a ton of friend’s birthdays in the coming months. Birthday time, let’s begin!

[195/365] Light Drawings, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Light drawing of hearts in Melbourne! These lights are from the buildings across the water (see previous photo to get an idea of where the lights came from).

[194/365] Waterfront City, Melbourne Docklands, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

We took the last trolley going around the city centre, which took a slightly different route than I expected. We ended up getting off here and walking around. It was really cold, but there were great views of the city over the water.

[193/365] "Maxims of Behaviour", Royal Mail House, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

A kinetic light show by Alexander Knox, “Maxims of Behaviour” is on the canvas of the building called the Royal Mail House. Throughout winter months, the show goes on with constantly changing patterns in vibrant colors to mimic the heart and life of the city of Melbourne. We passed this as we were walking down […]


[192/365] Melbourne Ad, Melbourne Airport, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

We flew out of Auckland in the evening and arrived in Melbourne in the evening, benefiting from a 2 hour time difference. I was a fan of the graphics of the city ads displayed on billboards in the airports. This one is of the free trolley that goes around the city centre of Melbourne. My […]