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[138/365] Colorful Flowers, Carlsbad, California, USA

I’m hoping for sunny May days. What’s up with this rain and gloominess!??

[77/365] White & Pink Flowers, Carlsbad Flower Fields, Carlsbad, California, USA

Today I had brunch at La Dijonaise in Culver City and the paintings throughout the restaurant were so nice! They were scenes from all over with colorful, vibrant colors. This photo reminds me of a painting of a field of flowers blowing in the wind there, right behind our table. Hope everyone had a lovely […]

Interesting Tree, Carlsbad, California, USA


Colorful Field of Flowers, Carlsbad, California, USA

Perfectly planned rows of flowers stretch across the huge Carlsbad Flower Fields. 🙂 That’s all for me tonight. Have a good night!

Birds Flying High, Carlsbad, California, USA

Flying high above the ocean, I was able to get a photo of this bird with its wings spread gracefully against the blue sky. Around this stop on the the way to the Carlsbad Flower Fields, there were plenty of birds circling around and landing on the ground, exploring the area.

Ranunculus Flower, Carlsbad, California, USA

This vibrant pink Ranunculus flower is just one of the flowers of the 50 acre Carlsbad Flower Fields. Surrounding it are orange ones that are also rising up towards the sky, but the pink one certainly stands out, strong and proud.

Carlsbad Flower Fields, Carlsbad, California

The flowers are in full bloom in the expansive flower fields of Carlsbad, about an hour and a half south of Los Angeles. On the drive there on the San Diego Freeway, we drove part of the way along the Pacific Ocean and past oceanside towns. The fields were carefully planned to have long stretches […]