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Chess Set, Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey

Cool chess set in the massive Grand Bazaar in Turkey!

View from the Galata Tower, Istanbul, Turkey

It seems like every big city I go to, I visit sometime of tower that you can go up and see a view of the entire city. The Galata Tower in Istanbul did not disappoint. I could see the Sultanahmet part of Istanbul across the Golden Horn, as well as the buildings just below us. […]


Istanbul at Dusk, Istanbul, Turkey

Our mission: find somewhere to eat. We walked along the Istiklal Street, the main shopping street, and since we were in search of seafood, we decided to walk towards the water. Well, we walked off of the street and quickly realized we weren’t going to be nearing the water in the direction we were walking […]

Lanterns in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey

One of Istanbul’s most famous attractions is the Grand Bazaar, an indoor maze of over 4,000 shops selling everything from lanterns to spices to jewelry to purses. As we walked down each of the “streets” vendors called out towards us, beckoning us to view all their items. Its hard not to want everything, but personally, […]

Curious eyes inside the Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

As we walked through the courtyard of the Blue Mosque, we glanced inside and found two little girls looking outside with the same curiosity we had looking inside. To them, we were foreigners and to us, they were locals – both of us intrigued but in different ways. Shortly after, we walked around to the […]

Inside the Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Known as the national mosque of Turkey, the Blue Mosque is officially named the Sultan Ahmed mosque. This is a photo of the inside of the mosque. It is called the Blue Mosque because of blue tiles used in the interior. In order to enter, your legs and shoulders must be covered, so we were […]

[day 8] View of the Golden Horn from our Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey

From the rooftop terrace of our hotel, we had an amazing view of houses and the Golden Horn, an inlet of the Bosphorus, creating a natural harbor. The Bosphorus is a strait that splits Istanbul between the continents of Europe and Asia, and connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara. Across the Golden […]

[day 7] Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey

We arrived in Turkey by plane late at night and woke up with a busy plan ahead of us. Istanbul is a huge city, and we chose to explore the closest sights to us that morning. The old city part of Istanbul is called Sultanahment. The building in this photo is the Hagia Sophia, now […]