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[10/365] Magenta, Liv Nightclub, Miami, Florida, USA

Good times.

[248/365] Bird Watching, Everglades, Miami, Florida, USA

The bird almost looked fake, but indeed, it was real! We saw it on the airboat tour of the Everglades.

[243/365] Alligator, Everglades, Miami, Florida, USA

Yes, I know these alligators grew up surrounded by tourists, but it was still a little scary being so close to them on the airboat. The airboat tour was so much fun – for parts of it we were slowly drifting along, looking out for gators and for part of it we were speeding through […]


[242/365] Colorful Bird, Gator Park, Everglades, Miami, Florida, USA

The Airboat tour was full of stops to view the wildlife, including alligators, turtles and birds like this one. So colorful!