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Roadtripping through Death Valley National Park (CA) & Zion National Park (UT)!

I love road trips! This last one was quite the last minute adventure, but the planning all came together beautifully. The thing with road trips is that they are made for last minute planning because you have your car and the road, and the rest you can just figure it out as you go. The […]


Polaroids, Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

I love Polaroids! The Polaroid booth at the Consumer Electronics Show was so much fun because we got to take a bunch of Polaroids! I think we may have gone a bit overboard…

[9/365] Kodak Display, NYC Miniature Model, Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

In the Kodak section, there were lots of things to do and look at. We even got a 3D photo taken! Anyway, this was part of the display – I think they had cameras you could test out here…

[8/365] Everyday Life Photo Display, Microsoft, Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Microsoft had a plethora of products on display, mostly showing off their software on other company’s products. Throughout their display, they had photo walls showcasing photography of everyday life. Very sleek.

[7/365] LG Opening Display, Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

I’ve been in awe of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) for a while now, and this year, I finally made it there! I love techonology and new gadgets…and so I was in some kind of techie heaven. 😛 When we first entered the Central Hall, we were greeted with the very elaborate LG display, featuring tons […]

[280/365] Artwork, Flutesong Red, Marilyn Monroe & James Dean, Planet Hollywood Towers, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Always nice to be upgraded to a VIP suite…for free! Loved the art in the room! Merely an artist rendering of two icons together makes for a great print. Does anyone know where I can find a print of this?

[196/365] Surrender Night Club, Encore, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Wow, what a beautiful club. I’ve been here during the day for Encore Beach and it was nice, but at night, the mixture of water and lights makes it even better. Oh, and it’s pretty fun too!

[100/365] Spring at the Bellagio Garden, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The garden at the Bellagio Hotel transforms completely with changing seasons or holidays. Right now, there is a springtime theme, with the garden full of flowers in an array of colors. I liked the reflection on this water sphere. 🙂

[99/365] Wine Glass & Candle, Restaurant at Aria, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Passed by a restaurant while exiting the hotel and liked the dimly lit ambiance, so I took a photo!

[97/365] Birds & Cherry Blossom Cake, Jean Philippe Patisserie, Las Vegas, Nevada

This bakery in Aria had the cutest cakes and desserts ever! I was mesmerized by this one. The pink birds, coupled with the cherry blossoms were so pretty!