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[96/365] Crystals, City Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

I will admit that I am not a huge fan of the Crystals shopping area in Vegas, but I thought these stairs were really pretty. Walking down the stairs, it just seemed like plain looking wooden steps, but when you look back behind you, the colorful designs are a treat!

[95/365] Springtime Flowers, Encore, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

In Vegas, I think the interior decorations are the nicest in Encore and Wynn. Springtime brings beautiful colorful flowers to the hotels. Loved this flower arrangement!

[94/365] Blue & Yellow Straws, Tea Station, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

I liked the colors of these straws. Stopped at Tea Station for some refreshments while in Vegas! Yes, I went to Vegas yet again this year!

[67/365] Encore Hotel Room, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Encore is a lovely hotel! It could be one of my favorites in Vegas (along with the Wynn and theVenetian). The view from our room was of the Las Vegas strip that never sleeps. Great view! We stayed there our last night in Vegas. Wish I didn’t have an early morning flight so that I […]


[66/365] Roses & Planes, Dress, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

I was drawn towards the print on the fabric of this dress (and of course I bought the dress!). At first glance, its odd to see planes mixed with roses, but I think it works! I mean, don’t you think those just logically go together?!

[16/365] Empire State Building, New York, New York Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Empire State Building, not in New York. Cloudy day in Vegas, but the sun managed to peek through just over the building.

[15/365] Crystals, City Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Just visited the newly built City Center in Las Vegas! This was inside Crystals, a mall with high end luxury stores – definitely out of my price range haha. These are ice blocks that were slowly melting throughout the day. Always good times in Vegas! 🙂

Fountain by the Swimming Pool, The Venetian, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Have I mentioned how much I love fountains? This was a fountain outside in the courtyard of the Venetian suites, just by the swimming pools. It was getting darker, so it was turned on and was glowing this pretty blue color. 🙂

Orange Flowers, Bellagio Garden, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

These beautiful orange flowers were on display at the Bellagio Garden. 🙂

The Venetian Clock, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Outside of the Venetian is this intricate, beautiful clock which actually has 24 hours. For some reason, I have this fascination with clocks and their design and I absolutely loved this one! “Time is a companion that goes with us on a journey. It reminds us to cherish each moment, because it will never come […]