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[277/365] Christmas Ornaments for Sale, Christmas Market, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Pretty (and probably expensive) ornaments at the Christmas Market in Philly!

[275/365] Bellpeppers, Reading Market, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

So when I was taking this picture, this guy saw me and asked me why I was taking a picture of some vegetables. I told him I was just taking it for fun, and he seemed skeptical. Can’t I just be taking pictures of them because they look cool?!

[269/365] Christmas Display, Reading Market, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

What a cute display at Reading Market, trains and houses and all!

[262/265] LOVE Sign, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

The famous Love sign is smaller than I expected! Loved it with the backdrop of a Christmas tree. So fitting! I took a day trip to Philadelphia from New York and had a few hours to explore the city. Glad we got to this!