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Country Guide: Costa Rica

Reflections on Costa Rica Really, really loved my trip there! “Pura vida” – pure life – one of the mottos of CR. People are very friendly and it’s known as one of the happiest places in the world. I was on the Pacific coast side (west), but I’ve heard great things about the Caribbean side.  […]

San Jose International Airport, San Jose, California, USA

It has been a while since I’ve flown in/out of San Jose (I usually fly in/out of Oakland), but in the meantime, it went through a major remodel. I don’t think I even recognize it anymore! I liked the architecture a lot. This was of the view looking up from just by my departure gate. […]

[123/365] Orchids, Happy Mother’s Day, San Jose, California, USA

I loved being able to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom! I’ve seldom gone home for Mother’s Day for years and years now, so this time felt that much more special. Our family’s Mother’s Day brunch was a success and we hope all the moms enjoyed it! These were some orchids she got on the […]

[44/365] Tet Decorations, San Jose, California, USA

Tet (Vietnamese New Year/Lunar New Year) is just around the corner (it’s tomorrow!). When I went to San Jose a couple weeks ago, there were displays all over the place with festive foods and decorations on sale. They were full of bright red and gold designs – signs of good luck and a prosperous new […]

[38/365] Purse & Outfit, My Grandma, San Jose, California, USA

 My grandma is stylin’! After we left the Grand Century Mall right in the heard of Little Saigon in San Jose, we headed back out to the car and I snapped a photo of my grandma’s purse and outfit. I think its because I was eying the purse – I think I want one!

[29/365] Dim Sum for Lunch, San Jose, California, USA

I had a great weekend in the bay area! Had lunch with my mom, brother, aunts, uncle and grandma, and my request was dim sum. I think if you asked me what my favorite food is, dim sum would be very near the top. Yum! I’m getting hungry just looking at it!

Tung and Hue’s Wedding, Phu Lam Restaurant, San Jose, California, USA

Congratulations to Tung and Hue on their special day! Just as the toasts were about to begin, everyone was instructed to pull the strings on their party poppers. Loud cheers erupted and colorful strings flew into the sky – the festivities had officially begun! Their wedding reception was a lot of fun – many courses […]