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[46/365] Vintage Camera Equipment, Antiques Store, Santa Barbara, California, USA

Vintage camera equipment looks so cool! Not sure how long ago these were from, but my has the evolution of camera been significant! We walked into a antiques store along State Street and among the random items, there were a lot of different cameras and accesories. Going into antique stores, I always wonder what the […]


Vase in Pascucci Restaurant, Santa Barbara, California, USA

This is from the inside one of my favorite Italian restaurants. It’s named Pascucci, and it’s located on State Street in Santa Barbara. I would go there often when I’d visit my cousins there. ­čÖé

Victor the Florist, Santa Barbara, California, USA

Walking through the magnificent Santa Barbara Courthouse brings into view the mountains of Santa Barbara. I took this photo of the “Victor the Florist” store off of Santa Barbara Street. With palm trees surrounding and the pink color of the store, with white buildings around, this intersection seemed old-fashioned, but charming. Along with some of […]

Mission Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California

Trips north on the 101 to Santa Barbara occured several times a year since I had cousins living there. On one particular visit, we decided to visit Mission Santa Barbara. It was a nice, sunny day outside and this fountain had a nice reflection of the mission to add to the lotus flower and leaves […]