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[61/365] "Take Chances", Live Good Book, Jamba Juice, Santa Cruz, California, USA

Catching up on missing photo diary posts! Sorry for not being daily! I came upon this book of inspirational and empowering quotes in a Jamba Juice. The book is called “Live Good”. Liked this quote a lot! The small quote on the left says, “If you risk nothing, then you risk everything”.


[60/365] Clock Tower, Downtown, Santa Cruz, California, USA

Downtown Santa Cruz is easily recognized by the clock tower at the beginning of the street. The clouds were gray, signaling rainy hours to come, but luckily it stayed dry while we were there!

[58/365] Mural, Downtown Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, California, USA

Visited my brother at UC Santa Cruz and decided to check out Downtown Santa Cruz. This was a mural along a side street of downtown where my brother, Andrew, and my cousin, Tiffany, blended into the scene.