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[68/365] Sunset at the Beach, Laguna Beach, California, USA

The weather in LA has been beautiful! Sunny days just naturally make me happier. This must mean its time to spend days outdoors and at the beach! That’s why I decided to post a beach picture today – this is from Laguna Beach as the sun was setting. Have a great day everyone!


"The Grass is Greener on the Other Side", Laguna Beach, California, USA

We walked along this fence en route to the beach and I snapped this picture. Thought of that quote when I decided to post it. I never really thought of the meaning of the quote – just assumed it was positive. However, upon further analyzation, I realized how essentially negative it is. I would prefer […]

No Trespassing, Laguna Beach, California, USA

I’m back! We have internet at our new apartment…so I can finally catch up. Too bad I didn’t take many pictures during my hiatus! Anyway, I took this as we left the Sawdust Art Festival. 🙂

Pink Lemonade, Laguna Beach, California, USA

. Moving is soooo tiring. I can barely type. Doesn’t this pink lemonade look good? YUM.

Door on the Way to the Sawdust Art Festival, Laguna Beach, California, USA

We passed by a cool door as we walked towards the entrance of the Sawdust Art Festival. 🙂

"Art is Timeless" Clock, Sawdust Art Festival, Laguna Beach, California, USA

The irony of this quote, “Art is Timeless”, made it that much more interesting. This was a clock within the Sawdust Art Festival that takes place every summer in Laguna Beach. There were a multitude of booths with artists displaying and selling their art – each one unique in their own way. Even though it […]

Sunset at Laguna Beach, California, USA

We arrived at the beach just as the sun was setting, lighting up the sky a vivid orange, pink and red color. The silhouette is of a father and daughter walking and playing along the beach as others played around, admiring the beauty of the sunset.

Waves coming to Shore, Laguna Beach, California, USA

Along the Laguna Beach coastline, rocks are scattered along the sand and each wave brings water crashing onto the rocks. It was an overcast day, but the area was still great for relaxing and enjoying the view!

Coast, Laguna Beach, California, USA

Along the Pacific Coast Highway in Orange County is the city of Laguna Beach. It was an overcast day, but it was still nice to relax atop a large rock and watch the waves come crashing ashore. The beaches are beautiful, surrounded by palm trees and large rocks in the water and the town is […]