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[323/365] Union City Historical Museum, Union City, California, USA

Always passed by the museum, but never went in. I was kind of curious, so we stopped by for a bit… Never thought I’d ever go to a museum for Union City! Haha

[302/365] Crab Feast, Union City, California, USA

My cousins and I put together a crab feast before our annual gift exchange. Yummy!

[128/365] Tater Tot Casserole, Union City, California, USA

Yes, to answer your question, it does taste as delicious as it looks! My cousin, Amanda, brought up the idea of cooking jambalaya, and I thought of this tater tot casserole that I had seen pictures of in her food album. We layered the tray with chili and hot dog slices, topped it with extra […]


[30/365] Nemo, Union City, California, USA

Of course, when I come home, I’m greeted by Nemo. He’s gotten big!

Black Light Against a Colorful Wall, Union City, California, USA

It was a white wall splashed with an infusion of a vibrant purple-pink color. My cousin, Kimberly, started a project for her room and this is the color she decided on. With a sleek black light against the colorful wall, the contrast and drastic change could be felt. Love the color choice!

Puppy, Nemo, Union City, California, USA

When my mom first got our puppy, Nemo, last year, this is one of the first photos I got of him in our front yard. He’s a white Bichon Frise with light brown spots. Naming him was a joint brainstorming effort between my brother and I. He is now a lot bigger (comparatively), and still […]

James Logan High School Graduation, Union City, California, USA

One by one, 790 names were called as each student, dressed in red or black gowns, walked up the stage to accept their diploma, a reward for 4 years of work, and more than anything, a symbol of the future that these students were about to embark on. Both my brother, Andrew, and cousin, Tiffany, […]