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[217/365] Lemons, Watsonville, California, USA

 When life give you lemons, make lemonade…or cut up pieces of lemon for your Corona. ­čśŤ Goodbye Summer, hello Autumn! Today marks the first day of Fall.

[216/365] Field of Vegetables, Watsonville, California, USA

What kind of vegetable is this? You’re asking the wrong person – I have no idea. It makes for cool looking field photos though! Passed by this as we left the Manresa State Beach. To our right were strawberry fields and to our left was this lush field of perfectly parallel rows of greenery.

[211/365] Corn over the Grill, Camping, Watsonville, California, USA

Corn roasting over the grill with some charcoal in the background. That’s camping for you!

[208/365] Fence Overlooking the Beach, Manresa State Beach, Watsonville, California, USA

Yay it’s the weekend! This was a photo taken as we left the beach and headed back to our campsite. Can you believe it’s already September? This year has gone by so fast!

[207/365] Silhouettes of Birds against a Hazy Sky, Manresa State Beach, Watsonville, California, USA

When we arrived at Manresa Beach, it was a hazy day. The silhouettes of the birds were black against a hazy white/gray sky. Good thing the sun came out in the afternoon!

[206/365] Trees, Mt. Madonna Campgrounds, Watsonville, California, USA

Eeeks, it has been a while since I’ve posted! Been so so busy! Anyway, this last weekend I went camping at the Mt. Madonna campgrounds in Watsonville. These tall trees helped keep our area nice and shady!