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[74/365] Bench Overlooking the Oregon Coast, Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA

About a year ago this time, I took a trip to Oregon and we drove to the coast to see the beautiful Oregon coastline. Driving into the Ecola State Park, we came upon this bench on a grassy area overlooking the water. It was really windy, but seeing the coastline was well worth it!

[19/365] Travel Section, Powell’s Books, Portland, Oregon, USA

It’s 2010 and I need to figure out my travel plans for this year! I’m getting anxiety about not really having anything planned yet. So many places to go, limiting factor: time. This was from the travel section at the massive Powell’s Books in Portland. This was from a trip last Spring. Will update with […]

[14/365] Walkway Through the Forest, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, USA

The Columbia River Gorge area in Oregon is beautiful. A short hike from one waterfall to another, we walked along this walkway through the forest. Ah, fresh air!

Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA

Miles and miles of beautiful coastline grace the western coast of Oregon. At Cannon Beach, huge monoliths are scattered throughout the beach and tree trunks lie all around the sand.

Deserted Cobblestone Road, Portland, Oregon, USA

As the trains whisked by, the cobblestone road became empty enough for me to be able to stand in the middle. This road was just outside the Portland Saturday Market located under an overpass. Not necessarily for this photo, but it makes me contemplative… “It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and […]

Wahkeenah Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Visible from the highway, the name of this waterfall comes from a Pacific Northwest Native American word for “most beautiful”. As we drove by, we were captivated by its beauty and pulled over into the parking lot. From high up, the water came flowing down over the rocks towards the bottom of it. As we […]

Oregon Coast from Ecola State Park, Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA

Driving through the winding, dark roads of Ecolo State Park to an opening, especially when darkness was quickly approaching and the park was close to closing was an adrenaline rush. After what seemed like a while (short as it was), we were able to get to the clearing along the coast to be able to […]

Merry-Go-Round, Seaside, Oregon

In the beachside city of Seaside in Oregon, there was a small plaza with little souvenir and art shops with a merry-go-round to top it off. There were few passengers but still the show went on. Outside the plaza, it was windy and gloomy so this plaza was our safe haven for just a few […]