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[218/365] Outdoor Bike Display, Downtown, Houston, Texas, USA

Earlier this year, I spent a fun-filled weekend in Texas. On my first day, we went around Houston. Downtown, there was an outdoor display of these bikes adorned with all sorts of recyclables, painted in a multitude of colors. Have a great weekend! GO BRUINS! 😀 Beat Texas!

[156/365] Birthday Sombrero, Houston, Texas, USA

Summer is officially here! I wanted to find a summery photo, but couldn’t find anything. Just wish it wasn’t so gloomy here though! This was a birthday sombrero at a Tex-Mex restaurant in Houston that we went to for Yi-Jiun’s birthday. I’ve missed several days of these daily photos…was out of town for the weekend […]


[117/365] Walkway, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, USA

Cool architecture on a walkway just outside one of the dorms at the University of Texas, Austin! I like the use of lines and shadows in the design. Happy Friday!

[116/365] Colorful Wall, Chuy’s Restaurant, Houston, Texas, USA

I loved how colorful the walls were at Chuy’s. This was my last meal in Texas and it sure was filling!

[114/365] Outdoors on a Spring Night, The Salt Lick, Driftwood, Texas, USA

The wait at the Salt Lick was long, but at least they have performances and an outdoor seating area. We finally got to be seated at our table as the sun had set and the lights had turned on in the outdoor area. Felt like a beautiful Spring night in Texas!

[113/365] The Salt Lick Bar-B-Que Restaurant, Driftwood, Texas, USA

All you can eat BBQ in Texas? Sounds good to me! The Salt Lick restaurant is located just outside of Austin. During the long wait (1 hour, 30 minutes), we roamed the grounds and found things to take pictures of. As we walked into the dining area, we saw the huge pit that all the […]

[112/365] Jet Ski, Lake Travis, Austin, Texas, USA

Jet skis are so much fun! We had them for 2 hours – why I didn’t ride it more than I did, I just don’t understand! Oh wells, next time! We got a pontoon boat and 2 jet skis and relaxed on the waters of Lake Travis in Austin. Wonderfully sunny day to soak in […]

[111/365] Sculptures, Downtown, Houston, Texas, USA

The weather in Houston was lovely when I was there! We went to the Discovery Green in the heart of downtown and saw these interesting looking sculptures. It was a sunny day, with low humidity. Perfect. Texas was so much fun!