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Doorway, Norfolk, Virginia

I did a photo series on doors while walking through the quaint housing community in Norfolk. Each door was a different color and different design. This door in particular was a wooden door behind a layer of glass. As a took this photo, conveniently, a bus full of school children drove by and made it […]

Seagull in Flight, Norfolk, Virginia, USA

We walked along the waterfront of Norfolk and I came across a white seagull perched on this wooden block. Of course, as I approached, the seagull took flight and this is the photo I was able to take!

USS Wisconsin, Nauticus, Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Norfolk, Virginia is home to the world’s largest naval base and its history lies in being a strategic military and transportation site. This is the USS Wisconsin – the second Navy ship to be named after the state of Wisconsin. Built in Philadelphia, the ship was launched on December 7, 1943. She has served during […]