Fontana di Trevi, Rome, Italy

Since I recently watched Angels & Demons, I’ve been thinking of my time in Rome – probably my favorite city in Italy. This Trevi Fountain has been my favorite fountain in the world (I really enjoy fountains). Both day and night, the fountain is beautiful and crowded by people fascinated by its intricacies. Located at the junction of three roads, the name Trevi comes from the world Trivium, which means the meeting point of three streets. Completed in 1762, the fountain features a representation of the forces of the sea. In the middle is Neptune, known as God of the Sea with Tritons riding horses and statues surrounding, finished with the water appropriately representing the sea. Built in a Baroque style, it is the largest fountain of its kind in the city. Baroque is known as the time period that began in the beginning of the 17th century that involved dramatic and extravagant symbolism in music, art, literature and theater. Legend says that if you throw a coin into the water, you will one day return to Rome. Looks like I’ll be returning one day…

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