Special Feature: Travel Tips, from experience

I love traveling and I especially love the planning aspect of it. However, things do not always go as planned. So, I’ve listed a couple tips that I’ve learned from experience that will hopefully help you out! Sorry, no photo on this post, but photo of the day to come after.

(1) ALARM CLOCK — Don’t forget about an alarm clock! If you’re like me…you use your cell phone as an alarm, but low chance that the phone will be able to get service, and therefore, time on your phone. Without time, forget about using that as your alarm. I suggest little travel alarm clocks that are battery-powered.
(2) ATM/CREDIT CARDS — I prefer to use ATMs and/or credit cards in other countries. Who wants to carry around a stack of cash?! And, with cash, you have to use expensive currency exchange places to get local currency. So, I’d say to bring some money in cash and then use ATMs to get out more money as you need it. Just remember to get a good amount each time you get out cash (its usually a flat rate fee + about 3%) to make it most worth it – ATMs offer good exchange rates. Do some research to make sure the country you’re going to has a lot of ATMs. Credit cards usually charge about a 3% international fee on top of all your purchases (check for specifics) so if you’re in a country where you can easily use that, I think its a good idea.
(3) PASSPORT COPY  — Always remember to bring a copy of your passport just in case your passport gets stolen. Make sure to put copies in different locations so it doesn’t all get taken all at once if that happens. I think its always a good idea to scan it and have it saved in your email too. Access to email is worldwide and easily accessible.
(4) PHONE NUMBERS — Write down phone numbers! Seems simple enough, but I’ve left the country without writing down any numbers and my cell phone isn’t always around when I’m traveling. Don’t be left stranded at the airport with no ride home if your cell phone battery has died.
(5) CREDIT CARD TRAVEL ALERTS — Call your credit card/debit card company and let them know you’re traveling. You don’t want to be in another country and realize that your account has been suspended because of “suspicious” activity. You just need to tell them start/end dates and the countries you’re going to.
(6) TRAVEL BAGS — Travel bags are very important. If you are going around all day, you don’t want an uncomfortable, unsafe purse. My preference is for over the shoulder bags with multiple pockets (that all zip) so that you can put all the essentials in and not have to dig around for things you need (tourist alert!). I think over the shoulder bags are also the most comfortable to wear for a long time – I hate having travel purses that are constantly sliding down my shoulder.
What do you think? Anything you disagree with? Any other suggestions?
I’m hoping to add to this list as I think of things. Good night!

One comment

  1. I would recommend signing up for a Charles Schwab credit card — no international fees.I usually make a copy of all of my credit cards or write down the numbers along with the toll-free and collect call numbers (which they’ll pay for) in case my purse gets stolen.Register your travel with the State Department. If any country emergencies come up, they’ll be able to better assist you. https://travelregistration.state.gov/ibrs/ui/Leave a copy of your travel itinerary (with flight information) with a family member or friend.Carry a little cash with you. I usually take about $100 for things that might come up unexpectedly or in case you want to buy anything on the plane.That’s all I can think of right now. Great start so far!

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