Day 1: San Jose, Costa Rica

We arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica today around noon. After leaving after midnight and having a stopover in Atlanta, it was a relief to finally arrive! Despite weather reports that there was expected to be scattered thunderstorms, our first day was mostly rain free except for a few drops here and there. Its actually quite hot and humid here. On our first day, we walked around downtown San Jose, stopping at various key buildings and parks in the area. We even went to an area that was an outside ampitheater that was a gathering of young Costa Ricans, ready to listen to the live music.
This photo was taken as we walked back to our hostel. In San Jose, streets (calle) run from north to south and avenues (avenida) run from east to west. Tomorrow morning (early, early morning), we’re headed to Monteverde! I’m excited to see what else Costa Rica has to offer!

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  1. oh my gosh! so awesome, I can't wait to see more pictures…your making me anxious for my trip to costa rica 🙂 Have fun (and be safe)Connie E.

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