Day 2: San Jose to Monteverde, Costa Rica

Hola! No internet yesterday, so I’m posting yesterday’s adventures. Today’s adventures to come soon!
As I sped over the trees of the Cloud Forest, raindrops came crashing down to earth and from top to bottom, I eventually became drenched in rainwater. Ziplining through the Selvatura Adenture Park’s cloud forest was an amazing experience. Through over 15 different ziplines that eventually returned us to our starting location, I was able to go through and far above the trees. Clouds were hovering over, creating a misty atmosphere over the towering green trees. In addition to traditional ziplining, we also did a bungee jump type of activity that they called the Tarzan Swing – basically we were pushed off a ledge and swang back and forth! I really did feel like Tarzan, speeding from tree to tree, and swinging as I jumped from a tree.
Monteverde means “green mountain” in Spanish and I had no doubt of this as we rode to and from the area, always surrounded by mountains full of life. This photo was taken right outside our hostel (located in Santa Elena, right outside of the Monteverde area) – the clouds were descending upon us and we could feel that they were getting heavy and ready to drop water down to us. That night, it rained heavily for hours, something which the hostel owner said happened over 300 times a year. Quite fitting for an area with such green trees and so much wildlife dependent on it!

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  1. +hey Paul, I saw this and your past post about CR, I often browse tgurohh invisibleman, I like this page and I also enjoyed your posts, very nice you liked this country, and very cool your work also. Feel free to come back and I will gladly take u out to some other places I know.CheersMauricio San Jose, Costa Rica

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