Racks of Clothes, Anthropologie, Santa Monica, California, USA

Yes, I did it. I took a photo while I was shopping in Anthropologie. Today I felt like posting this photo (it was from a few months ago) because I’ve been feeling like I want a brand new wardrobe. Yes, I know it sounds crazy since some may know how much clothes I have. Maybe its just a phase, hopefully it will pass soon and adding to my wardrobe will suffice. Once we move to the new apartment and I have a nice big walk-in closet, let’s see how I feel… I’ll update you! =P
[UPDATE 11:47pm] Ok, I have decided that I do not want to replace my whole wardrobe. That was just crazy talk. Just have to add to the collection!

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  1. you seriously need to dedicate this one to me! -Connie E.

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