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[5/365] Clock & Clothes, Anthropologie, Santa Monica, California, USA

Tick tock tick tock. No time to waste – there’s no turning back time!

[201/365] Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica, California, USA

Finally made it out to see Santa Monica Place! Nice decor, but mostly stores I only wish I could afford…

[72/365] Stadium to the Sea Medals, LA Marathon, Santa Monica, California, USA

Congratulations to Myley and Lien for finishing the LA Marathon with great times! We made these “medals” to give to them upon completion of the 26.2 miles. This year’s course was called “Stadium to the Sea” because it started at Dodger Stadium and ended up at Santa Monica Pier. Yay!

[37/365] Ice Skating Rink, Santa Monica, California, USA

Ice skating outside in Santa Monica, just steps from the Third Street Promenade was so much fun! I haven’t gone in a while, so after quickly getting over the initial fears, I was able to build up confidence and enjoy myself. ­čÖé

CDs For Sale, Arts & Antiques Fair, John Muir Elementary, Santa Monica, CA

Happening the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month, this flea market is full of arts, antiques and various other items like this CD collection. I passed by signs for it, and thought it’d be interesting to stop by. With proceeds going to John Muir Elementary School to support educational programs, it was also for […]

Antique Books Display, Anthropologie, Santa Monica, California, USA

I’ve mentioned this beofre, but I love the interior design in the Anthropologie store!

Racks of Clothes, Anthropologie, Santa Monica, California, USA

Yes, I did it. I took a photo while I was shopping in Anthropologie. Today I felt like posting this photo (it was from a few months ago) because I’ve been feeling like I want a brand new wardrobe. Yes, I know it sounds crazy since some may know how much clothes I have. Maybe […]

Tomatoes, Santa Monica Farmer’s Market, Santa Monica, California, USA

Even though I don’t like eating vegetables, it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy photographing them! Early on a Saturday morning at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market on the Third Street Promenade, each booth had its own collection of fresh produce and flowers, along with other items like cheeses, pistachios, seafood and bread. These were some […]

Interior Design at Anthropologie, Santa Monica, California, USA

Usually when you step into the Anthropologie store on 3rd Street Promenade, the goal is to look for the perfect dress or blouse or cute accessory. Sure, I did that too, but after not finding anything (surprisingly), I started realizing my surroundings and discovered the beauty and true creativity of the interior design of the […]