1000 Cranes Project, Hiroshima Children’s Peace Monument, Hiroshima, Japan

The time was 8:15 AM. The date was August 6, 1945. The first atomic bomb ever to be dropped on humankind was released, and a young girl, Sadako Sasaki was about one mile from ground zero. Amazingly, she went on to live a happy childhood until 10 years later, when she was diagnosed with leukemia, known to be a disease that came as a result of the radiation of the atomic bomb. From her hospital room, she began folding paper cranes because of a Japanese saying that says that if you fold 1000 cranes, your wish will come true. Her story is one of a young girl with hope and the courage to do what she could with her time left, and it truly is inspirational. To this day, these paper cranes are delivered from around the globe to the Children’s Peace Monument in the Hiroshima Peace Park as symbols of peace and support for those that were affected by the atomic bomb.

My visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Musuem was moving – as stories from survivors were narrated over the photos, videos, and drawings of the tragic memories of that fateful day. Hiroshima Peace Park rightly takes after its name – a symbol and encouragement for peace around the world. The information center there had “NUKE FREE” pins.

Peace on earth, is it too much to ask for?


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